Maximize Every
Recruiting Event

Find, attract and hire more quality talent for today & nurture candidate relationships for the future.

A Better Today

With SmashFly Events, you dominate every recruiting event – from campus to military and diversity – by marketing to more audiences, communicating smarter and faster and capturing leads and hires more efficiently

Manage Every Event Seamlessly

Managing one event is challenging, managing hundreds is simply overwhelming – unless you have the right technology to support you. SmashFly Events eliminates the headache of event management, making it easy to manage your promotions, logistics, staff, registrations, tasks and follow-up so you can execute your strategy flawlessly.

Capture Leads On the Spot

Stop collecting stacks of resumes and using spreadsheets! Create an engaging candidate experience at your recruiting events with branded talent network forms on any mobile device that capture contact information on the spot. This way, your recruiters can immediately follow up with quality talent right when they get back to their desks – or even post-event!

Drive Awareness to More Candidates

If you promote it (well), they will come. SmashFly Events helps you generate more awareness and registrations by marketing your events to key channels like job sites, your career site, social media, professional networking sites and your talent network to attract more quality talent to attend every event.

Engage Candidates and Event Staff

Candidates aren’t the only essential audience you need to market for your recruiting events. Your staff is pivotal for success as well. SmashFly Events easily manages communication with your two key audiences – candidates and event staff. Use targeted and personalized campaigns that highlight your employer brand to recruit the right event volunteers to successfully convert candidates at the event.

Work Smarter with Automation

Every successful event is borne out of an expertly-devised event strategy. SmashFly Events automates key communications, reminders and workflows, acting like a personal assistant to help your team work smarter and faster. From automating the registration and wait list process to ensuring reminders and follow-ups are sent at the right time, feel confident in automating details of your strategy so you can focus on big-picture results.

And an even better tomorrow

Your events should prove return on investment, long after the day of. SmashFly Events ensures your recruiting events are a measureable initiative in your talent acquisition strategy to drive leads and hires so every event can help grow your business. 

Build Meaningful Talent Pipelines

Events can be a powerful first touchpoint with new candidates, connecting them to your employer brand and employee advocates. With the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform, you can continue to foster those relationships within your talent network by consistently nurturing high-potential candidates with targeted content, job alerts and upcoming events to convert more hires in the future.

Create Candidates for Life

The average person works until 62 and switches jobs 11+ times. How will you use in-person events to create a potential candidate for life? SmashFly Events helps you develop relationships with candidates as they progress in their careers, whether a college graduate or transitioning military veteran. From campus career fairs to executive meet-ups, events are a differentiating touchpoint to enhance relationships with your next hires, tomorrow or three years from now.

Measure the Success of Events Holistically

For many organizations, events live siloed, making it tough to understand how event investment drives ROI compared to other recruiting initiatives like job boards or your career site. Not anymore. The SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform enables you to execute and track events side-by-side other recruiting campaigns, providing you with a clear picture of how each event drives leads, applicants and hires in real-time.

The Power of One Platform

Managing tons of events throughout the year is an important task, but managing them through multiple tools is a nightmare. With the addition of Events to SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform, you can manage and measure your entire recruitment marketing strategy – events, career site, CRM, talent network, job marketing, social media, employee referrals, and more – all in one platform. Music to your ears (and strategy!).

See it in action

Wait! Don’t host another event before you see how SmashFly Events can maximize your investment and results.